USA Classic Eagles – World Rugby Classics

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Hamilton, Bermuda – The USA Classic Eagles have assembled on the island of Bermuda for the 25th Annual World Classic Rugby Tournament.  Team trainings have been going well for the Classic Eagles and according to Captain, Kevin Whitcher, the depth of talent available to the Classic Eagles team this year has created a buzz on the island.

“It is great to have the likes of Mark Griffin, Douglas Rowe, Michael Harvey and Eric Masterson back for the team but we are equally pleased to have forward Hayden Mexted and back Andre Snyman in the team this year,” said Whitcher.

“We will be looking to Mexted to toughen up the forwards and bring a new level of intensity to the game, while we are looking to Snyman to lock down the backline and bring leadership to the midfield,” continued Whitcher.

The first game of the tournament for the Classic Eagles will be against the former South African Springbok Legends tonight, November 10 @ 8:30 pm (Bermuda time).

“At our age, ” continued Whitcher, “it is great to still be able to play top level rugby against some of the best players of recent times and be competitive.

“We expect the game against the South African team to be a very physical encounter, but we are confident that we have the caliber of players to compete against the likes of the South African Legends team and are ready for whatever they throw at us,” continued Whitcher.

Back on the pitch for the USA will be full-back John Buchholz who has a potent step and given space can be dangerous on attack.  The team will be looking to Dennis Walker to keep the defense honest in the unopposed scrums while living up to his reputation of being a useful ball carrier.

Whitcher went on to express the eagerness of the Classic Eagles to be on the pitch and represent their country once again, and on a stage such as the World Rugby Classic.  It gives them the chance to show their ability as individutals and as a team.

Roster for November 10 @ 8:30 pm (Bermuda time):

Classic Eagles 2012 vs South Africa
1 Chris Moreno
2 Mark Griffin
3 Dennis Walker
4 Matt Doubek
5 Justin Clark
6 Don Younger
7 Kevin Whitcher
8 Haden Mexted
9 Doug Rowe
10 Leif Gibson
11 Mike Harvey
12 Simon Dogbe
13 Andre Snyman
14 Louis Tulio
15 John Buchholz
16 Eric Masterson
17 Leon Neville
18 Guy Mumford
19 Kregg Hyer
20 Clinton Camp
21 Tyler Dees
22 Hal Struckman
23 Mick Hurley


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